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Let’s create a better world, together

LONDON – Is it possible to create a better world? The answer from the Impact Hub seems to be: yes, if we do it together! Created in 2011, this global community now counts more than 54 locations with more than 1000 members in London. 500 of these members are located at the Impact Hub Westminster. The aim is to help companies grow and improve each other through collaboration.

Floree Zama-Neagra, one of the co-hosting members, says: “Our idea is simple: if you bring companies together and create a space for collaboration, they can improve each other. We obviously don’t force the collaboration but thanks to our events, people start to get to know each other and discover that one can be useful for another. Besides offering the space we have a lot of community events and tools to help support the business’s.”

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Photo credits Francesca Marchese

Can you describe one of them?

“We have a social network called Yammer: it is like Facebook but it’s only for Impact Hub Westminster members. Yammer is a great tool because it enables users to share articles or ask for help from other members. It is a great way for all 500 members to keep in touch with each other. Without this tool connecting with everyone would be much more difficult”

What is good about the location of Hub Westminster?

“Luckily, we have this huge space of 12,000 sq ft with over 200 desk spaces. It is one of the biggest of the 54 Hubs in the world. The building overlooks Trafalgar Square and is full of natural light. The design of the space encourages collaboration: all the tables are round. we have a lounge where people can socialize, a DIY kitchen, a library and dedicated meeting rooms”.

PONmediaexperience Impact Hub Westminster meeting
Photo credits Francesca Marchese

What kind of people do you accept as members?

“We have a growing membership at Impact Hub Westminster. You have to apply online and explain what your company does and if you fit in with our ethics. The membership manager may then select you. Our community members are courageous with their business’s and are very connected with social innovation. Our motto says: “We believe a better world is created through the combined accomplishments of compassionate, creative and committed individuals focused on a common purpose”.

Alessandra Cocorullo, Daniela De Michele