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The golden mask that leaves you speechless

LONDON – BAFTA is the British Academy of Films and Television Arts. Founded in 1947, it’s an independent organization, whose aim is to keep up and promote arts with its famous yearly awards. BAFTA is supported by 6000 people from the world of Cinema, Television and the Video Games Industry.

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Photo credits Michele Di Guida

The main headquarters is at a fascinating building in Piccadilly, London. Access is reserved for members only; but having the opportunity to see inside would really leave you speechless. A huge staircase, walls decorated with film quotes and the famous golden mask lead to an elegant cafè. The building also hosts a cinema and offices. The awards usually take place in February, a fortnight before the Oscars. It is open to films from all languages and nationalities. Since 2008 the ceremony is held at The Royal Opera House.

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Photo credits Michele Di Guida

The most well-known personalities attend the BAFTA Awards, such as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William is the current BAFTA’s President). Among the 2014 winners were; Alfonso Cuaron, Philomena, The Great Beauty, Jennifer Lawrence, Chiwetel Ejiofor.

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Photo credits: Michele Di Guida

Being a member gives the chance to watch the movies before they’re released in order to give them scores and select them for the Awards.

One of BAFTA’S members is Clara Caleo Green, an Italian lady who has lived in London for fifty years and promotes Italian films with charm, strength and determination.

Daniela De Michele, Federica Bocco


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