A tea with Clara Caleo Green

LONDON – The “British Academy of Film and Television Arts” – BAFTA – opens its doors to a group of ten Italian students thanks to the kindness of BAFTA member Clara Caleo Green. The golden mask (symbol of BAFTA) stands above an elegant flight of stairs at 195 Piccadilly. Inside the building, in the buffet area handmade scones and cups of tea were waiting for the Italian group: a very pleasant tea break.

PONmediaexperience Bafta scones surprise
Photo credits Francesca Marchese

During the meeting Mrs. Green revealed her teaching attitude – “when you have been a teacher, you always teach”.

PONmediaexperience Bafta Clara Caleo Green picture
Photo credits Francesca Marchese

London first welcomed her when she was 19: at the start of her 50 year residence, she was a teacher in adult education, a profession in which she got very involved.
A turning point in her life was the possibility to export the Italian film festival from Scotland to London, finding financial support from some remarkable Italian companies.

PONmediaexperience Bafta photo credits Francesca Marchese
Photo credits Francesca Marchese

With her charismatic personality she has become a major person responsible for importing Italian cinematic masterpieces, giving people the chance to appreciate not only the already-famous film directors such as; Fellini, Martone and De Sica, but also younger directors who experimented with new genres like; Fabio Grassadonia and Michelangelo Frammartino.

PONmediaexperience Bafta Clara Caleo Green PIC
Photo credits Francesca Marchese

 Italian Cinemas success in the UK is inevitably influenced by the tastes of the British audiences, that are generally quite different from Italian tastes.

PONmediaexperience Bafta cinema
Photo credits Francesca Marchese

Francesca Eboli, Alessandra Cocorullo


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