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PONmediaexperience Big Ben
Photo credits Francesca Marchese

Twenty days in London, nine meetings and a thousand things to learn! Ten Italian students attending the Sannazaro Grammar School in Naples enjoyed a fantastic learning experience thanks to the PON project C5 created by the European Union. The goal was to study journalism and work as reporters in the Capital. The aim was also to improve their English skills and understand better how the media works in the UK.

I had the wonderful opportunity to be their tutor and to guide them through this adventure, with  great support from their teachers Maria Sirago and Daniela Grattagliano. My programme started with the 5Ws and basics of newsmaking, ethics of reporting and news accuracy, case studies about investigative journalism. I used technological tools, also: videos, iPhones apps, social media platforms (use of Twitter by BBC, and the hashtag #C5Naples). Students created their LinkedIN profiles and started building their professional network.

PONmediaexperience BBC Francesca Marchese
BBC tour. Photo credits Francesca Marchese

Learning by doing: the interactive programme included the BBC tour, interviews with journalists such as Paola Totaro (Foreign Press Association), Phil Sutcliffe (National Union of Journalists), Marco Varvello (RAI UK), Ferdinando Giugliano (Financial Times).

PONmediaexperience FPA Paola Totaro pic
Meeting with Paola Totaro, president of the Foreign Press Association in London. Photo credits Francesca Marchese


PONmediaexperience Phil Sutcliffe NUJ Francesca Marchese
Meeting with Phil Sutcliffe, National Union of Journalism. Photo credits Francesca Marchese


Photo credits Francesca Marchese
Interview with Marco Varvello, correspondent for RAI UK. Photo credits Francesca Marchese


PONmediaexperience Ferdinando Giugliano
Meeting with Ferdinando Giugliano, world editor at the Financial Times. Photo credits Francesca Marchese


The students had the privilege of visiting Bafta Headquarters thanks to the kindness of  Italian/British member, Clara Cleo Green, who told them stories about  Italian cinema in London.

PONmediaexperience Bafta Clara Caleo Green picture
Meeting with thr BAFTA member Clara Caleo Green. Photo credits Francesca Marchese

The students also learnt about the development of  Italian Culture in  London. They met the director of the Italian Cultural Institute Caterina Cardona and visited the inner library run by Mariella Riccobono. They also visited the Italian Bookshop managed by Ornella Tarantola.

PONmediaexperience IIC Cardona
Meeting with the director of the Italian Cultural Institute Caterina Cardona. Photo credits Francesca Marchese


PONmediaexperience TheItalianBookshop Ornella Tarantola
Visit at The Italian Bookshop and meeting with its manager Ornella Tarantola. Photo credits Francesca Marchese
PONmediaexperience BFI
Visit at the British Film Istitute. Photo credits Francesca Marchese

There was also room  for some  British culture. This included a visit to the British Film Institute and the Ruben Library, the Barbican, the Royal Festival Hall and the Westminster Reference Library (the session with the Italian born Rossella Black was brilliant!).

PONmediaexperience RossellaBlack pic
Rossella Black explains the Westminster Reference Library mission. Photo credits Francesca Marchese

The PON  C5 scheme really helped the students become aware of new kinds of working situations such as the Impact Hub Westminster.

PONmediaexperiene Impact Hub Westminster studio
The tour of the Impact Hub Westminster. Photo credits Francesca Marchese

As an exercise to  work on the basics of journalism the students worked in pairs. They wrote articles  following this layout: a general article about the meeting, an interview with the protagonist, a spotlight piece about something interesting and a press release (not published). This worked very well, particularly on one of their first experiences: the one at Borough Market.

PONmediaexperience Borough Market 3
Students during their first interview. Photo credits: Daniela De Michele, Francesca Eboli

Afterwards some of the students decided to write articles on their own about other visits (a good example is the piece on the Science Museum).

The linguistic  review was performed by Matthew Evans (CertTESOL Trinity College London). The PON C5 (FSE02 POR Campania 2013 – 102 1092495) was organized by Sagitter Training and a separate programme was run by Riccardo Cacelli (ItalyNews). Some articles have been translated into Italian and published in the blog of the school “Liber@rete“, edited by Maria Sirago and awarded by the President of the Italian Republic.

Francesca Marchese